A Mundi Demonstration system is available during the 2015 Digital Energy International Software Summit in Frankfurt

The demonstration system is using Electric Office.

Mundi Product details describes the functionality available within Mundi

The demonstration system showcases some additional functionality which is available in the Mundi 4.3.1 release.



The Roles component of Mundi enables configuration and deployment to a wide cross-section of users that are required for an enterprise rollout.

The process is simplified by using the same client but controlling:

  • What tasks a user can perform
  • What layers are exposed
  • Controllable functionality. e.g. simpler clients may not use the explorer.

The following roles have been defined

  1. Default - Almost all of the available functionality is exposed and available
  2. Mobile - This is design with screen real estate in mind and any buttons that are not required for the task at hand are removed.
  3. Kiosk   - Typical configuration whose objective is to have a simple as possible user interface which is suitable for a public facing website.


 Thematics  Allow a user to control what devices are drawn or excluded from the screen.


A typical example would be to do a network trace and send the results to the Thematics.

The conductors could have extra thickness added to the lines to clearly indicate the traced network.

A video showing the Thematics will be available shortly.


Design Browser

The Design Browser enables a user to view the contents of any design.  This can be invaluable where Designs are only published upon energisation but viewing during the construction period is critical.

An example is shown below:


Similar functionality is available for installations that are using the traditional Version Management.